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  • Our Top Valentine's Gifts for HIM

Our Top Valentine's Gifts for HIM

Whether we’d like to admit it, it can be a challenge to shop for the men in our lives, especially when when it comes to a romantic holiday such as Valentine’s Day!  Us ladies are far simpler creatures (although we hate to admit it).  Pour us some wine, feed us a few chocolate strawberries and send us a text full of heart-eye emojis and we’re set. Oh and jewellery, we can never have too many earrings. Or things that sparkle.

Sure, you can send your man some flowers with a stuffed teddy bear, but something tells us they won’t be too excited unless that teddy was a lot like Ted.

Don’t worry. The LANGsura ladies have done their homework, compiling the perfect list of man-approved Valentine’s Day gifts. Check out our top five gift ideas for him. All you have to do is select one and punch in your credit card. Now who said you have to spend a lot time to be sentimental?



We personally love them and wanted to thank them for coming up with such a clever idea and making it super easy for us at any occasion! It’s a surprise in a box, with tons of great goodies any guy is sure to love! And the best part is I didn’t even have to leave my house for this great gift!

$25/month http://www.sprezzabox.com


A pair of Grey Nike Roshe One for him (and maybe grab a pair for yourself to match-aw!) I think it’s safe to say we all love shoes! These sweet kicks will have him impressed and happy to add to his gym shoe collection! And they think we have the shoe addiction, pff!

$165 a pair www.nike.com 


If your man enjoys a drink, he will definitely appreciate this gift! Sphere-shaped ice is ultra-slow melting so it keeps your favorite cocktails chilled longer... and also gives it that "oooh la la" factor ;)

$14.99 for Set of 2 www.amazon.ca


But they have to be fun socks, duh! The kind you find at Drake General Store, naturally. Here you can pick up 3 pairs for $20, mixing and matching multiple prints, patterns and textures.

$29 for box of 5 pairs http://www.drakegeneralstore.ca/



For the bearded man, we’ve got you covered! Just like us women and our care of our hair, if your man has a beard it needs to be maintained! Here are a few great products we found at the Drake General Store on Queen West. 

$35 a bottle www.drakegeneralstore.ca


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