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Pay It Forward

One of the most memorable trips for me has to be Thailand. It has always been remembered as one of the best trips my husband and I have been on and although you would think it would be the white sand beaches, the amazing and cheap food or the inexpensive shopping (which we obviously loved!)…. the most memorable experience had to have been when we visited Koh Lanta. 

We were lucky enough to visit this amazing facility called Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) on the island. My husband and I spent a couple of days learning about the centre, seeing the responsibilities of the volunteers and even got to take out a couple of the dogs for a walk on the beach. It’s truly inspiring to see that on Trip Advisor, visiting this facility ranked as the number one thing to do on the island. Visitors from all over the world come to volunteer (veterinarians and general help), donate money and supplies and even adopt.

Here is a little bit from the site about what they do at LAW:

In January 2010, Lanta Animal Welfare opened the first Animal Sterilization Centre on the island. We can now perform surgery and treat sick animals in a controlled environment – as of mid 2014 we have sterilized and vaccinated more than 8,000 animals and treated many thousands more.

We still go out dog-catching and have regular sterilization programs for the stray animals, but now increasing numbers of pet owners are showing up at the clinic to have their animals taken care of. This proves that we are making a difference and that our message is being heard.

Every single animal we sterilize also receives a free rabies vaccination at the same time. There has been no recorded case of rabies on Koh Lanta for fifteen years and we want to keep it that way. For owned animals we provide a combined vaccination against common diseases and encourage owners to return with their animals for boosters on a yearly basis.

Animals are brought to us with any number of ailments, from skin parasites to knife wounds or broken bones from road accidents. We treat them to the best of our ability, and for the more serious cases we recommend owners take their pets to vet hospitals in Trang or Krabi.

There are so many charities that I would love to donate to (and will eventually get to those too!) but this one holds a spot near and dear to my heart.

  • Joyce Chan

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