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It's time again for our semi annual buying trip in Vegas but this time somethings different. It will be the first time that I will be traveling with my 10 month old on my own (well and with Claudia ;)) *picture is of my first daughter, Mila, at her first tradeshow in Vegas

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous. Here is what I'm thinking...

i) The Plane Ride:

My concern - AHHHHH!! What if she freaks out? 

The solution - Bring some toys, MUM MUMs and other entertainment AND there is always the boob.

ii) The Long Day of Buying:

My concern -  She gets restless and we don't get everything we need to get done!

The solution - Bring the stroller and have her nap in there if she gets tired. Plan out our days. Make sure she wears her shoes so she can walk around AND there is always the boob.

iii) The Exhaustion that I will feel:

My concern - That I am going to be exhausted beyond belief.

The solution - COFFEE.

You can see how our trip goes by following us on instagram (@shoplangsura). We will be posting live video and taking photos of our buying trip!

If there are ANY items that you want to see us buy PLEASE let us know.

Crossing our fingers for a very successful, safe and well-behaved trip!

Joyce xoxo

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