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Trend Forecast for SS 2017

So a couple of weeks ago our Buyer, Claudia, and I ventured down south to Vegas for the Magic Trade Show! It’s my second Magic experience and it truly is crazy. But the good kind of crazy. The kind that both exhausts you and leaves you wanting more. We spent a week picking out all the pretty pieces for LANGsura, as well as attended seminars to keep us on top of our fashion game #sofleek.

One of my fave seminars was Fashion Trends for SS/17 (yes you heard me, 2017!) So lets fast forward and I’ll give you a glimpse into what you’ll be seeing all season.

One of my favourite trends for SS/17 was called La Isla. With Cuba and the States being all buddy-buddy again, the island influence was off the charts. A rainbow of tropical colours, ruffles and off the shoulder tops, as well as deep plunging necklines and flamenco-style dresses.

Another one of our favourites? Raw Coast. Think beach meets urban streets! This trend featured a lot of natural materials, linens, and denim infused with light beach-y tones and subtle nautical feel.

Great Expectations was a trend that was all about renaissance. Both romantic and pretty, pieces used materials like sheer and organza lace. ruffles.

All in all, Vegas was great. We learnt a lot, shopped till we dropped and had some good girl bonding time. The boxes have started to pour in and now it’s time to show you all the pretty pieces you can add to your collection! J

Until next time Vegas!

  • buyerfashionforecastmagiconlineonline shoppingprettyshoppingspringss17summertradeshowtrendsvegas

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